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For years, Aashiyana Dairy Farm families have remained true to their values and committed to producing a fresh supply of wholesome, quality milk & dairy products. Ashiana Farm is presently equipped with more thann 100 cattles,Goats,hens,Dogand all livestock products with in the most modern facilities, the clean uncompromising hygienic environment. From milking to packaging, we ensure the highest standard of cleanliness till the milk Á dairy products reaches you. Ashiana Farms, is committed to create a fresh trend in dairy consumption. Each of our products like Milk, Curd, cheese, Desi Ghee, Sweets & other frozen meat produtcs and it’s unique taste play an important role in people’s health, hygiene and their food . At farms, each day is filled with providing new inspiration to our customers. We are very passionate about new ways to delight our customers for a healthier life and to spread goodness of our taste. Please give us a chance to host you at our highly nourishing farm and our retail outlet at Ashiana farms...


We treat our animals with respect and compassion and its part of Ashiana dairy farmer's heritage. We believe, no dairy farmer can succeed without healthy and content cows. g

Dairy Quality

Milk is among the most highly consumed foods in the country. Maintaining milk’s freshness and quality is a job that starts at the farm and till it reaches to the fridge. Please add more points if we wish to.

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